Take the guesswork out of having inner confidence, laser focus, all day energy and how to live in the moment. No more hitting snooze on your life, complicating your goals or making your new years health resolutions a solo job. In this program I will help you design a life where distraction disappears, and direction appears. ARE YOU READY TO HAVE ALL DAY ENERGY AND LASER FOCUS IN YOUR LIFE?

Learn how to bring MASTERY around your HEALTH through HEALING with my

Master Your Morning 8-week program

Yes! I'm Ready.
I Want To Master My Morning Now.


I am a TEDx Speaker, Teacher, Trainer, Online Movement & Mindset Coach, Host of the 8Days A Week Podcast, creator of 8DaysAWeek Supplements, and the signature program Master Your Morning, 

I make movement and eating well really simple so high performers can create more time and have more freedom to do what they truly love. When people create more time and freedom he believes they gain access to what he and his clients refer to as living 8DaysAWeek.  

I am known for creating high level performance results with NBA athletes, body transformations on and off set with Hollywood Actors and Actresses, preventing fatigue by strategizing energy protocols for global Pastors especially while traveling, reducing stress and increasing productivity for CEO's, and increasing stamina and endurance for musicians in preparation for their music tours.  

I believe leadership starts and ends with a healthy lifestyle, led by a successful morning practice. That movement is the heartbeat of momentum and that we all have access to endless energy. I am on a mission to share his vision of living life as if you have an extra day, a mindset I call 8 Days A Week.

Along with being a devoted Duke Integrative Medicine Alumni, I am certified as a Nutritional Consultant, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Practitioner, Strength & Conditioning Coach, and two Time Olympic Triathlon Competitor. I am a researcher and results maker who’s not afraid of being a fearless mistake maker as well. While all that sounds scientific and fancy, I pride myself on also being a foodie, who always shares with clients to “never trust a trainer or coach that doesn't eat ice cream or eat pizza.” My favorite ice cream is Coffee Oreo and favorite pizza is Linguica Pizza found in my home town. I'm a big adventure guy, always exploring a new beach to watch the sunrise accompanied by my puppy Fergusson, with a journal under one arm and my guitar under the other.  

Here’s a challenge to you from me... 

What do you want to be known by?  

Did that question get you nervous? Good! I believe that if you’re not nervous, then you’re not ready. Let this feeling be your guide that you’re willing to do the work within.

 “I want to be known as a man that always chooses relationship, connection, and follows curiosity to its full expression. An old soul who likes to play like a child with a core based in faith and integrity, whose end game is to evolve into a man who is incapable of self importance.” - Adam B. Cobb  

See and hear what some of my clients are saying

Experience what my clients say about the transformational work we do together and more about what 8Days means to them by clicking on this video  

I Want To Work With Adam Too


My mission is to help clients release the blame of their past failures and embrace the tools, timing and teaching covered in our 8-week progam. This leads to a life shift of energizing every waking minute, fulfilling your fullest potential and seeing real change / results.

In today's society, there's a serious lack of time, energy, and freedom. It's become a problem and we will learn the psychology required to get into the habits which result in a better life.  

We will Master Mornings together, regardless if we feel inspired or not. I will help you make more time to do the things you love and be who you want to be.  

My clients have a rich desire to have all day energy, a high level of mental clarity, and a deep sense of presence but often lack the execution of developing the discipline and repetition to make their dreams a reality. 

Realizing repetition is the mother of mastery and supporting my clients to implement the discipline has made all the difference from just showing up to rising up.  


For the first time I am giving full access to my teaching principles online.

Why? Because you've asked for it. It's time to support more that just the 1% who can afford in person 1 on 1 coaching.

By creating an affordable Online Program, now you have the opportunity and convenience of working with me in your own home.  

This program is only available to 8 people, so apply now. Applications close: September 1st 2019.

This intensive isn't for everyone, it's just that - an INTENSIVE 8 WEEKS where you and I will embark on a very personal experience together. And for that reason it is a limited spot application based program for those people driven to live their best life. 

You will have direct access to me for 1 hour every week for 8 weeks - something I have never offered before. 

Having suffered a knee injury and undergone ACL surgery last September I was forced to stop and recover. I reassessed my own path and wanted to find a way to extend the reach of those I have been able to help. I listened to the needs of people like you out there and created this intensive program to fast track your success! 

I'm hungry to deliver massive value for those ready to do the real work.


Want to be part of something awesome? #8DaysAWeek 

The concept is simple, yet impactful: Move Well, Eat Well, Think Well to find your center and RISE UP enabling you to master your life. By learning how to do these 3 core things in the best way possible you will be able to enhance your life, make time for the things you love and feel as if you have more time in your day, week, and life....... this is having an "8 Days A Week" Mindset..

What is #8DaysAWeek? 

Ask yourself, what would your 8th day look like if you had it? What would you do and who do you need to become to start creating it?  

I believe you're someone that lives life like you have an extra day and has the leadership and love in your heart to encourage, support and lead others to finding their extra day.

8Days A Week is about reminding us all we have one thing in common, we get 525,600 minutes this year, the same as Oprah, Richard Branson, and Tom Brady, how we choose to invest our minutes is where our real momentum comes from. This is the MOST IMPORTANT THING to designing our day and reaching our potential by maximizing the time we all have.  


Why does it work?  

EVERYONE has struggles, whether they want to admit it or not. The only difference however between the successful and the failing is how they tackle those issues. Run from them or take them head on. Use them as an excuse or use them as motivatation.  

If you want to be the best version of yourself and achieve success in life, you need to make simple specific shifts around your wellness to make a real difference in you and your abilites. You need to be vulnerable and willing to accept that whatever you have been doing so far is not working for you and you must be willing to admit you need help. After all, if you were getting the most out of your life then you wouldn't be here now reading this.  

What if I'm not ready?  

The only things stopping you from achieveing what you want in life are limitations. Nothing more. And most of the limitations you have no doubt placed on yourself by YOURSELF! Why? From fear. From uncertainty. From lack of confidence. But you know what? Limitations are just obstacles which can be overcome if you want it bad enough. You can change your mindset and learn how to get rid of those stopping blocks and maximize your life.  

And the best part? You don't have to do this alone.  

Why Coach Adm Coach?  

Using the above methodology and applying my #8DaysAWeek philosphy, I focus on providing you with a whole new awareness about the importance of alignment around your fitness, nutrition, and spirituality. This allows for major, life altering transformations that provides you with the path to follow toward being healthy and happy.  


For the person who's saying "I want to master my morning Coach, but I need and want more", well here it is.... 

The "Master Your ______" is my PhD program. It transforms the #8DaysAWeek principles into an 8 month course covering each of the intensives below. 


  • You'll receive a text message every morning that not only holds you accountable to your goals. but also gets you into one of the most crucial habits to daily happiness. 
  • Instead of having a 'set wake-up time', you will learn how to use your evenings effectively to rise with energy, enthusiasm, and exceitement for the day resulting in better health and relationships. 


  • You'll receive my series of dynamic movements that will help you to unlock our body and make daily movements simple yet fun! 
  • Instead of making exercise seem like a chore you will learn how to optimize your activities to ensure your full body is worked without stepping foot in a gym...unless you want to!


  • You'll get delicious and nutritious food recipes, personal smoothie recipes, and discounts off supplements to make sure you reach optimal health.
  • Instead of dreading being in the kitchen and resorting to take away for taste and convenience, you will learn to view food as an energy source and appreciate what goes into your body and how it impacts your well-being.


  • You'll receive 5 guided meditations to support your breathing practice and enabling you to harness the power of thought, cultivate more peace, clarity and happiness.
  • Instead of feeling overwhelmed, confused or depressed, you will learn how to train your brain and focus your attention by breathing to become grounded, centered and cultivate peak performance in any endeavor. 


With the Master Your Morning program you will learn how to change your philosophy for life. 

You will discover...

That its not when you wake up that helps you master your morning but what has to happen the night before, that your mourning routine starts the night before.  

That its not about the best exercise you do that helps you master your movement but its learning the steps to shift from exercise to movement that brings real mastery.  

That its not about what you eat that masters your metabolism but how you design your life patterns that has given my clients real and lasting results.  

That it’s not about the perfect meditation practice that helps reduce stress or increase focus but how to breathe and the right steps for you to bring a sense of centeredness and groundedness into your life.  

I’m not taking away your accountability by saying this, but what I’ve found is that it is often not my clients fault that they have failed over and over again. 

It’s that they were not given the right tools paired with the right timing and teaching. I’m willing to go on a limb here and say I know it’s the same for you. It’s not your fault. Please say this out loud… “It’s Not My Fault.”  

 I'm doing this to not just grow clients but grow community members, so that we all master our mornings together and live 8days week...